Dressed in his trademark green Aztec warrior garb with BOSTON STRONG emblazoned over his chest and proudly waving the flags of his beloved Celtics and home country – Trinidad and Tobago Aztec Gino has been a professional masquerader and pumper upper of crowds since 1997, participating in Carnivals from Trinidad and Tobago, Canada and Miami. Also, an avid soccer fan, Aztec Gino attended the World Cup soccer tournament in 2006 in Germany to support his home nation’s team – Soca Warriors. Aztec Gino has always been a die-hard and passionate Celtics fan of the 17th time World Champions since his college days in 1986 – Wentworth Institute of Technology (alma mater!). He enjoyed cheering on arguably best starting five in NBA history – Larry “Legend” Bird, Robert “Chief” Parish, Kevin McHale, Danny Ainge and Dennis Johnson (rest in peace DJ). Just like Celtics Patriarch Red Auerbach, he enjoys basking with a good cigar after a Celtics victory! Out of the stands, Aztec Gino is a successful Information Technology Practitioner who is also a dedicated family man and fervent sports enthusiast for the “City of Champions”. He is known to make special appearances at home games for the Red Sox, Patriots and Revolution to help energize and mobilize our great fans!


On May 18th 2008, (the year of our championship run) Aztec Gino had an idea, he had just returned from Trinidad Carnival and the Celtics were getting ready to “Rumble in the Jungle” vs Lebron James and the Cavaliers in game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. He broke out his green costume, waving two flags (one for the Celtics and other for Trinidad) revealed his trademark Aztec shuffle dance, yelling in his Trini accent “Celtics Numbah one”. His debut caught the attention of a renowned Celtics blogger, Kwapt of RedsArmy.com who dubbed him Aztec Gino! Aztec as his outfit reminded him of an Aztec Warrior and Gino – an American bandstand bearded dancer in a skin-tight T-shirt that says Gino – who they put on the Jumbotron at the end of big Celtics wins! Next day, on Boston.com the headline read, “Marianne mugs with a mysterious man known only as Aztec Gino”. The rest is history!


Aztec Gino considers it an honor and privilege to represent the best sixth man in the NBA – the Celtics fans! He knows they are very fanatical about their revered team and they all bleed green – simply put they either love you or hate you! He also loves the opportunity to court the other Celtics Superfans, consorting with Bob Marley, Chicken Head Guy, Chest Pump Guy aka Santa Claus, Guy with the Green Hair and Balcony Gino. Aztec Gino continues to generate quite a following and interest with the media (both local, national and International) and the fervent fans of Boston. He has huge following on social media and numerous fans go out of their way to catch a glimpse of him prior to, during and after games for photos and interviews.

Catch Aztec Gino at a home game, high five him and he yells out CELTICS ‘NUMBAH ONE’!