Aztec Gino at the Boston Red Sox 2013 Championship run!

Aztec Gino at the Red Sox 2013 Championship run

[img src=]270Live on Channel 5 at Game 6 of ALCS!
[img src=]140Megan and Alyssa live at Game 6 of ALCS!
[img src=]140Chris live with Bull pen Cop - Steve Horgan
[img src=]170Live with Alyssa at Game 6 ALCS!
[img src=]200Live with Office lookalike Angela - Game 6 ALCS
[img src=]130Live with Grant, Bobbie and Jack - Game one ALDS
[img src=]120
Live with Tommy GUN!
[img src=]160
Ready for action against Detroit - Game 6 ALCS!!
[img src=]180Fox Promo: Game 1 - ALCS!!
[img src=]190Captured live at Fenway when we clinched AL East!
[img src=]110Live with Chris - Game 6 ALCS!!

Aztec Gino and the Celtics fans at 2012 NBA playoff games!

Aztec Gino and the fans at Celtics Games 2012 Playoffs!

[img src=]270Farah, Aztec and Donna!
[img src=]140Aztec and Prlylla!
[img src=]180Aztec and Jason's beautiful crew!
[img src=]110Aztec live on ESPN!
[img src=]100Aztec, Ryan, Hafeez and Farah!
[img src=]120Cetlics Superfans - Hip Hop Gino, Aztec, Guy with the Green Hair and Bob Marley
[img src=]80Celtics Superfan - Diana's beautiful niece!
[img src=]90Aztec Gino live with Cullen and Pinkiss!
[img src=]70Aztec Gino live with Nicole and Dr McMurphy of TC Restani fame!
[img src=]60Aztec Gino live with beautiful Donna, Kwapt, Aztec Matt and Scottsman!
[img src=]80Adam proudly displaying the shield!
[img src=]90Aztec Gino live with Celtics Cheerleader Eric!
[img src=]150Aztec Gino live with the Italion Stallion - JJ!!
[img src=]120Aztec Gino live with the Green twins!
[img src=]120
[img src=]120Aztec Gino and superfan Bob Marley live with Ashley and her crew!
[img src=]130
[img src=]140Aztec Gino live with Nicole - Numbah one!
[img src=]110Aztec Gino live with Leticia!
[img src=]120Aztec Gino live with Meaghan!
[img src=]120Aztec Gino live with Samantha!
[img src=]110Aztec Gino live with Jacqueline and her crew!
[img src=]110Aztec Gino live with Joshua!
[img src=]110Aztec Gino live with Ryan!
[img src=]150Aztec Gino live with Adam!
[img src=]100
[img src=]100Aztec Gino live with Don!
[img src=]120Aztec Gino live with Sean of New Zealand!
[img src=]110Aztec Gino live with Tom aka Tommy Gun!
[img src=]120Aztec Gino live with the Kiwis - Sean and Chip!
[img src=]140Aztec Gino captured live outside the Harp!
[img src=]130Aztec Gino captured live on TNT!
[img src=]110Aztec Gino captured live on ESPN's PTI!